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Scoring & Voice Critiques

Whether you want a reliable scoring system that you can customize, or something a little bit fancier like Voice Critiques, MyCompHQ have got you covered.

Our judging systems cater for solo & multiple judges, and can be activated on smartphones, ipads or Laptops.


The ability to activate Scoring & Voice Critiques with JUST an android smartphone + audio earphones has been a life changing for some of our clients who previously relied on more expensive & technically complex equipment.

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Competitors will love that they can easily access their Critiques and Scores via their MyCompHQ app.

Organizers can customize when you want the Competitor to receive their scores and critiques.  It can be straight after they have competed, or you can specify a time lag.

Competitors can listen to their critiques and download them as well.


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Performer Critiques_edited.png
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With the Right Platform,
Everything is Possible

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