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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that adopting a new software to manage your event can be a bit daunting...and we are here to help. 

With an Australian based team who are passionate about customer service we will roll up our sleeves and push to make your event a success.

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  • I'm not very tech savvy and worried about whether I will be able to manage. Can I still use MyCompHQ?
    Yes! Our software system has been designed to be as user friendly as possible and we also have support staff who can talk you through how to use the software. Many of our staff come from the events industry so you will be coached by people who know your business (and not IT geeks who don't really "get it" - no offence to people in IT).
  • Can I use MyCompHQ if there isn't any internet at my venue?
    Yes you can! You can purchase a Pocket Wifi (e.g. from Officeworks) and have your team tethered to it. As most competitors will be using their own phones and 4G/5G connections, they can still access the Live Timetable and get notifications without tapping into your pocket Wifi.
  • Do I have to buy lots of expensive computer equipment for my staff to use MyCompHQ?
    No. When we designed the software, we specified that all the functions carried out by event staff had to be do-able on a mobile phone. Our brilliant IT designer (and Director) Marcus Green has achieved this. Please note: * Voice Critiques can only be done on a Samsung Phone * QR scanning on entry can be done by either Android or Apple Phones We are working on making Voice Critiques compatible with iPhones, but it is currently a Work in Progress. We will provide you with a list of recommended equipment, costs and where to buy items when you sign up.
  • My event is run outside of Australia, can I still use MyCompHQ?"
    Yes you can - with the added benefit of knowing that MyCompHQ is bound by Australian Data Sovereignty laws, so we MUST keep your data secure and we are not allowed to on-sell the details of your competitors to other businesses. Currently, Our online payments system can only cater for sales made in Australian Dollars, but we are working with our bank and merchant facilities to accept foreign currency too. If you need more customization (e.g. language changes etc) our resident head of IT (Marcus Green) would be more than happy to help.
  • How robust and dependable is the software?
    MyCompHQ is very robust & dependable. MyCompHQ is a new software, but the engineering behind it has been tried and tested over 15+ years via our director's first company MyClubMate. Marcus Green (Director) has worked as a Database Administrator, a Systems Programmer, Analyst and a Performance Specialist in the UK, USA and Australia. He has worked with companies like Fujitsu, AAPT, British Telecom and Pacific Telecom. Marcus is passionate about security and has built the following into MyCompHQ: - Every single update is tracked and timestamped - The server is housed in an Australian Data Centre and backed up every night
  • I've already started taking registrations for my Competition, can I migrate across to the MyCompHQ system?"
    Yes you can. MyCompHQ has a data import function which enables you to transfer across existing registrations. Our customer service team is also happy to assist you with the process of migrating your system over to MyCompHQ. As an example, Evolution Perth was run in Sept 2021. The organisers had already finalised and closed off their registrations. However, due to border restrictions, they could not physically go to Perth to run the competition. They migrated their registrations into MyCompHQ and ran the event remotely with a team that they had NEVER worked with before. Despite not being able to be physically present, and working with a new team, the event was a huge success.
  • I'm worried about the cost of MyCompHQ and whether my competition will be financially viable if I pay for the software.
    The point of MyCompHQ is to Save you Money, Time and Labour. We understand that all Competition Organisers are different - some run for profit, others as Community Events which just need to cover costs. The one thing in common that ALL Competition Organisers share though is how much TIME it takes to get everything ready for an event. We all depend on Volunteers or paid staff to manage tasks like: Registrations, Collecting Payments, Chasing Music, Manning your Front of House, Stage Managing, Scribing for Judges etc. MyCompHQ cuts down the hours required to do so many of these tasks while adding real value to everyone involved in the competition. If you truly account for the hours saved, then MyCompHQ will more than pay for itself. However, if you're still worried, we do recommend increasing the cost of your registrations to cover the use of MyCompHQ. From feedback we have received, Competitors would be more than willing to pay extra for the benefits that MyCompHQ provide to them e.g. Access to Live Schedule, Scores, Critiques and Music Uploads.
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