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Music Uploads

In the past, getting music from competitors was a process requiring LOTS of chasing before the event OR last minute scrambles to upload music with CDs and USB sticks on the day of the event.

MyCompHQ eliminates all the stress of getting Music from your competitors.  A competitor can upload their music into the system literally minutes before they get on stage without flustering the Stage Manager or the DJ.


We also collect important information for Stage Managers such as whether a competitor has props, or whether they start on/off stage.


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  • Competitors will find it easy to upload their music. 

  • This can be done via a laptop or a phone. 

  • Competitors can also specify whether they are using props, or whether they start On Stage or Off Stage.  

  • There is also space for the competitors to provide a Performance Title if they wish, as well as any additional information that organisers need to know.

  • Once their music has been uploaded, the competitor can listen to the music and change it at anytime - even DURING the competition.

  • Organisers can also tag when a Competitor's music does not meet the Competition Guidelines e.g. Inappropriate words, too long etc,

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How Our Music Uploads Make Life Easier

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  • Save time and labour in chasing for music prior to the event

  • You can check music uploaded by competitors and notify them if their music is inappropriate, too long, too soft etc.

  • Reports show when a competitor has uploaded music so you can monitor how much music is outstanding

  • Use MyCompHQ's emailing system to send group emails with smart filters (e.g. only send reminders to those who have no music)

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  • Able to see and listen to the music they have uploaded

  • Can upload music minutes before their performance 

  • Any issues with music come up as an Alert when the competitor checks in, so Front of House staff can speak with the Competitor and resolve the issue before they compete

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  • Our DJ interface displays all the music in performance order

  • The DJ simply has to login to the system and select "Play Music In Order"

  • The DJ /MC will also know whether a performer starts on/off stage and time the playing of music and announcements accordingly.

  • If a competitor has "Withdrawn" the DJ will also be notified and know not to play the music for that competitor

  • If there is a last minute upload of music, the DJ is notified that he needs to refresh his music

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Stage Manager

  • Our Stage Manager interface displays whether a Competitor has props or whether the performer starts on/off stage 

  • Stage Managers can plan ahead and manage storage of props as well as stage hands to ensure that the Competitors can perform without any glitches.

Group Emails

With the Right Platform,
Everything is Possible

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