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Scheduling & Digital Programs

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Live Event Schedule

MyCompHQ's Set Up Wizard makes scheduling an absolute breeze. Our built-in smart functions calculate how much time you need for each division based on the number of registrations. 

Simply enter: The competition start times, the time required for each competitor, and your schedule is automatically generated.

MyCompHQ enables you to ditch the printing of paper programs.  Transition into the 21st century with Digital Programs which can be changed & updated at any time. 

Worried about losing the ability to advertise sponsors?
You can upload artwork and links to your sponsors in your digital program providing even MORE VALUE for your sponsors.

How We Make Life Easier For  Everyone

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  • Closing date for registrations don't have to be dictated by printing schedules, so you can leave your registrations open for longer and generate more income.

  • Reduce the stress of ensuring that your program is 100% accurate before going to print

  • Digital programs are automatically generated via the Registration Data reducing embarrassing mistakes such as mis-spelling a competitor's name.

  • You have the option to publish scores & rankings to the Live View Timetable during or after the competition.

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  • Competitors have more time to register as the Organiser can leave registrations open right up to the last minute

  • During the event, Competitors can "View Timetable" on their phones and know when they are required In Venue, Backstage or when their division is about to start - just like the Flight Information Boards at Airports!

  • Organisers can also stream the Live Timetable on to TV screens at the venue

  • Competitors can view the Order of Performances and virtually manage themselves


Family & Audience

  • Family Members can also access the "View Timetable" function with live updates

  • They can see whether a competition is running on time and modify their actions accordingly e.g. when to drop off / pick up kids, when to arrive at a competition to see their loved one perform, or to receive an award.

  • With Covid-19 imposing capacity limits on venues, this function is essential to ensure that competitors & spectators do not show up before they are supposed to.

  • Families and Audience members will really appreciate not having to waste their time waiting around, or rushing to get to your competition only to find that you're running late.

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Event Team

  • Stage Managers, DJs, MCs, Judges, and Front of House Staff can all see where the competition is at via their different interfaces

  • In essence, the software keeps them running on time as they can compare the scheduled time versus the real time and know when they need to pick up the pace

  • Front of House staff will also be able to manage audience changeovers better by having access to live updates on the Order of Performances.


With the Right Platform,
Everything is Possible

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