Our Story

Once upon a time, a young Dancer (David) introduced his Dad to his boss.

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His Dad (Marcus), just happened to be an IT Designer and founder of a software company called "MyClubMate", a software platform used for over 15 years by Sporting Clubs to administer membership fees, teams, matches, referees, volunteers and grounds.

His Boss (Angela) just happened to be the director of the Australian Dance Festival, one of Australia's largest dance events. 


For years, Angela had struggled with finding an end to end software solution for managing her events.  In the past, she had to use a combination of TryBooking, Google Forms, Google Drives, Group Booking Forms, Excel Spreadsheets and MYOB to make her events run successfully.   As an ex-accountant and business coach, she could navigate and reconcile the different systems, but she had learned the hard way, that this meant it was difficult to delegate to staff.  Mistakes could too easily be made unless she went through everything with a fine toothed comb.

When Covid-19 hit, Angela also worried about the impact of refunds on Studio Owners who had organised Group Bookings.  She only had to refund them in one transaction, but they then had to refund between 10-120 individuals.  In order to protect her income from Group Bookings, she knew that she had to invest in a Software Solution which would enable Studio Owners to make a group booking but not be responsible for collecting the money and refunding if the event was cancelled.

When Angela met Marcus, she knew that he would be "the one" able to bring the Event Management Software of her dreams into reality.  They began working together in 2020 with the mission that 
MyCompHQ had to embody everything she had learned from over 18 years of running large-scale events.  MyCompHQ also had to address the challenges of managing Covid safety as well as staff turnover caused by the Covid lockdowns. 
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To test the software, she ran a dance competition in April 2021 "Phoenix by ADF".  The event ran like clockwork with the software getting rave reviews from competitors, judges and the staff.

Encouraged by this, their next step was to approach Aaron & Hope from Evolution Dance Competition & Dancevision.TV to get their feedback. 

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As experienced organisers of multiple dance competitions, and providers of Photography & Videography to events all around Australia and New Zealand, getting input from them was crucial.

Aaron & Hope were so impressed by MyCompHQ that they wanted to be a part of it's story.

Since then, MyCompHQ has been adopted by several competitions as well as the Australian Dance Festival and Evolution Dance Competitions.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and we continue to seek feedback and continuously improve the software.


We are proud that MyCompHQ is an Australian Company with a team who are passionate about dance, events and customer service.


Is My Data Safe?

We understand that some Dance Competition Organisers may feel hesitant about using MyCompHQ due to the involvement of the Australian Dance Festival and Evolution Dance Competition.

To be clear, your data is 100% secure, as MyCompHQ is an Australian company and must comply with Australian Data Sovereignty Laws.  This means that NO ONE can access the data of your competitors through MyCompHQ without your permission.

Notwithstanding the legal aspects, Angela, Hope & Aaron pride themselves on running long-term, industry boosting events and would never compromise their reputations to "steal your customers". 

Our philosophy is that there are plenty of customers for everyone, and the more we can help other competitions run top notch events, the more competitors and families will be willing to invest in coming to events. 


With the Right Platform,
Everything is Possible