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QR Codes &
Venue Security

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We love our QR Code Check-in Function as it enables Event Organisers to do the following:

  • Using a mobile phone, Ushers / Security can scan the QR code generated for each competitor

  • The scan will bring up a photo + detailed info about the Competitor e.g. whether payment is outstanding,  or there is an issue with their music


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Competitor shows their
QR code to Gain Entry

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Security Uses a Phone to Scan the QR Code or Enter Name Manually

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QR Code scan 2_edited.png

Competitor's profile will be displayed including alerts on matters outstanding e.g. Payments or Music


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Once a Competitor has been scanned, the Competitor's status is changed to "In Venue" for the Stage Manager & The Organiser

Streamline Registration

The QR Code security system means that you can reduce paperwork and labour at your registration desk. 

The roles of Registration & Usher are effectively combined, meaning less staff are required.


Save Money

No Wristbands + No Tickets
+ Less Printing Costs +  Less Staff
= Savings for the Event Organiser!

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Reduce Consumables

No more wristbands, tickets or Sign in forms for attendees.  Think of all the paper, ink and energy you will be saving for the Planet.

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Covid Safe.png

Covid Safety

Tickets, Wristbands and Queues at Registration Desks increase the risk of Covid spreading.

Our QR codes make managing crowds & security a "No Touch" & Quick process.

Organisers can access live updates on who and how many people are "In Venue" making managing capacity a breeze!

Benefits of the MyCompHQ System for your Front of House

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With the Right Platform,
Everything is Possible

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