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System Overview

MyCompHQ can help Organisers with many different aspects of your competition.

We understand that every competition is different, and you don't want to be paying for a "One Size fits all" solution.

At MyCompHQ, our clients only pay for the functions they wish to use.

Take a look at our System Overview to identify which functions you need for your event.

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Benefits of the MyCompHQ System


Save Time

MyCompHQ virtually automates:

  • Registrations

  • Payment Collection

  • Scheduling

  • Communicating with Competitors, Spectators  & Team Members.

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Save Money

Less Paperwork + Less Staff
= More Savings!

You also won't need to buy wristbands,
ID Cards or Tickets anymore!

Our Software is much more affordable than our competitors and doesn't require you to hire or purchase expensive hardware.
See How We Saved One Event Organiser Over $23,000 per annum!


Enhanced Compliance

MyCompHQ ensures that you comply with Child Protection Requirements.  

When setting up team members, the software requires you to input their Working With Children's Check / Blue Card Details and evidence that you have verified their status.

Performers are also required to input Emergency Numbers & Contacts which are accessible to the entire team.

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Secure Your Data

MyCompHQ is an Austrailan company and must comply with Australia's Data Sovereignty laws.  This means that we must keep your data secure, and we cannot on-sell or use the data collected. 

Other non-Australian based software solutions can and will sell the details of your customers to your competitors!

Save Labour

MyCompHQ makes everything Digital - less paperwork, less cross-checking, less chasing.

You can reduce staff required to run your event as well by merging roles. 

Covid Safe.png

Covid Proof Your Event

Our QR Code entry system Covid Proofs your event by:

  • Getting rid of high touch surfaces like wristbands, tickets & USB sticks / CDs for music.

  • Monitoring how many people are "In Venue" so you can control capacity

  • Affected by Covid-19 travel restrictions?  MyCompHQ enables you to run your event remotely whilst still having full control!


Reduce Stress

MyCompHQ reduces stress for everyone on your team as well as on Competitors & Spectators because:

  • Updated information is shared and easy to access on the app

  • Everyone knows exactly where your event is at, and can manage themselves e.g. when to be in the venue, required back stage, when awards are being presented etc.

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Better For The Planet

No Wristbands, No Tickets, Less Paperwork & Digital Event Programs means saving the planet with less trees, plastic, ink and energy being required to produce consumables for your event.


With the Right Platform,
Everything is Possible

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